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Our exquisite almond stollen is crafted according to an old family recipe. Instead of using raisins and sultanas, it's made with a high proportion of carefully selected almonds, giving it the unique flavor of this Christmas delicacy.


Unlike the Dresdner Christstollen, the almond stollen doesn't require an aging period; it can be enjoyed fresh.

Almond Stollen

100 Grams
  • Wheat flour, butter, sweet and bitter almonds (11.8%), candied citron and orange peel (citron fruit peels, orange peels, glucose-fructose syrup, sugar, citric acid as an acidulant), sugar, water, yeast, lemon peel paste (sugar, minced lemon peels, natural flavor, thickener E466), margarine, whole milk powder, salt, decorative sugar (dextrose, wheat starch, hardened vegetable fat (rapeseed)), spices

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