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Our bakery

How it all started...

At just 21 years of age, the young baker Hartmut Walther passed his master's examination on October 6, 1964, in Helmsdorf. Already in June 1965, he and his wife, Christa Walther, took over their first bakery on Steglichstraße. They leased it from Master Baker Helmut Krumbiegel. In 1970, they were able to move to the better-located Weissen Hirsch and lease the bakery on Rißweg from the retired Master Baker Heinrich Nitschke. In 1980, the Walther family was able to purchase the bakery from the widow of Master Baker Nitschke.

In the late 1980s, the two sons, Frank and Lutz, began their apprenticeships as bakers under their father. In the summer of 2006, Frank Walther passed his master craftsman examination. In 2007, Hartmut and Christa Walther retired, handing over the bakery business to their sons.

Since then, the bakery on Rissweg has been operated as Lutz & Frank Walther GbR. In 2015, Feinbäckerei Walther celebrated its 50th anniversary. The continuity of the bakery is assured, as the sons of Frank and Lutz Walther also learned the baking trade and have been supporting the family business for several years.

Insights into the Past & Present

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